Om du som jag bytt firmware i din Linksys router och lagt in Tomato Firmware ( Då kanske du saknar snmp möjligheterna somfinns i andra varianter (t.ex. DD-WRT)?

Jag ramlade över ett forum där det beskrivs hur man gör och det är ruskigt enkelt att få in en snmpd i den…

Här stog det så här:

[1] create a network-share, either on a Windows- or Unix-host that runs 24/7
[2] mount that share as /cifs1 using Tomato’s CIFS Client
[3] create a subdirectory on that CIFS-share, eg. sbin/
[4] get this file:
This file contains the SNMPd-binary (version 5.0.9) and snmpd.conf.
(MD5 (snmpd) = ae0d622648efdb8dceb7b3b5a63e23ac)
[5] unpack the ZIP-file and move the files into the sbin-directory you just created
[6] start SNMPd by logging into your WRT54 and entering


/cifs1/sbin/snmpd -c /cifs1/sbin/snmpd.conf &

[9] test SNMP from the machine you’re going to monitor from:


snmpwalk -c public -v 2c <IP-address of the WRT54>

It’s beyond the scope of this HOWTO, how to install and enable SNMP on a system… there is lot’s of good documentation describing this.

[7] If it’s working put these two entries in Administration –> Scripts –> Firewall.

UPDATE: Changed Init to Firewall. See the Tomato-FAQ why:…artup_script_w


sleep 30
/cifs1/sbin/snmpd -c /cifs1/sbin/snmpd.conf -s &

Don’t forget to save!

Now Tomato will start SNMPd after each reboot.

[8] Start using remote monitoring. I prefer Cacti on FreeBSD: